Moya O’Connor, the founder of the Caribbean Attorneys Network and a senior trial attorney at MetLife, has made it her life’s mission to help aspiring attorneys find opportunities to make it in today’s competitive world. A success story in her own right, O’Connor graduated from Georgetown University in 2006, earning a bachelor’s degree in government with a minor in sociology. Following her undergraduate work, O’Connor pursued her Juris Doctorate at Brooklyn Law School. She told the Queens Tribune that her interest in law started at a young age. “I did moot court and mock trials in the seventh grade and I always did really well with public speaking,” O’Connor said. “I guess you could say I alw

Queen Latifah Develops New Initiative to Fund Female Directors

This year at the Cannes Festival, Queen Latifah announced that she will be partnering with P&G for the launch of The Queen Collective. The Queen Collective aims to accelerate racial and gender equality behind the camera by funding films from female directors. The goal of this new initiative is to create a pipeline of female directors in TV, film, and commercials. The Queen Collective will work with brands like HP and Smirnoff and companies including United Talent Agency Marketing, Tribeca Studios, Wieden+Kennedy and Marina Maher Communications / Ketchum to raise money and fund distribution for projects with a female focus. Latifah shared in a statement, “We want [women] to tell their story

Before Fenty: Over 100 Years of Black Makeup Brands African Americans have been loving, and buying,

When Rihanna launched Fenty Beauty in September, she turned the makeup industry on its head. With its 40 foundation shades — the darkest of which sold out first — Fenty proved that inclusivity in cosmetics is not just ethical but profitable. By serving the customers other mainstream brands have largely ignored, Fenty generated more than $72 million in media value alone the month after its debut. “I don’t think there was ever such an exciting launch, where a brand received that much excitement and marketing,” says Kimberly Smith, CEO and founder of cosmetics retailer Marjani Beauty. “Now people see it. There’s money to be made by making nuanced shades for women of color.” But the enormous out

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